Ruth Singer has a new exhibition with the Quilt Association
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Timelines - A Line In Time
5 August 2017 - 16 September 2017

This year's summer exhibition will feature quilts from The Quilt Association's collection and contemporary work by Bobby Britnell and Ruth Singer.

Ruth Singer - Fragments
"Fragments is a series of work in textile and mixed media developed following research into the collections of the Quilt Association, and building on years of considering antique textiles and the stories they hold and from my desire to express my thoughts about museum collections through making.

For me, the joy of this collection is that it is mainly rescued quilts - saved from charity shops, from life as dust sheets and from languishing forgotten and unloved in garages. The stories which these quilts embody interest me as much as the cut of the cloth and the finesse of the stitching.

The quilts speak of poverty and extravagance, of luxury and desperation, of comfort and of tragedy. They tell stories not just of their making but of their long lives. Some have been repurposed to catch paint or oil spills when handmade quilts had no charm or value. Some were made from the humblest of materials to keep loved ones warm and were never intended to be preserved, admired or studied. Others have had harder lives in the more recent past - badly repaired and hacked about or nearly ruined by machine washing with the best of intentions but with the most damaging effects.

My new work will be exploring the stories behind the quilts, their survival and damage. The pieces I create will reference quilts, patchwork and the construction of small pieces of cloth into larger wholes but they will not be quilts as traditionally recognised. I will be looking at ideas of comfort, security and practicality as well as skill and dexterity of making."

Alongside Fragments, Ruth will also be showing some of her Criminal Quilts series including Hanging, which won Ruth the prestigious title of Fine Art Quilt Master 2016 at The Festival of Quilts

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