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Artistic solutions to climate change.

‘e’ exhibition of kinetic sculpture 2010 – 2012 launches today with a search for the East Midlands most imaginative, creative, skilled and green individuals, businesses, students and school children. Professionals and amateurs alike are invited to submit applications and contribute to the first ‘e’ exhibition in 2010.

The exhibition focuses on sustainability and energy efficiency and involves the design and making of sculpture utilising naturally available energy, eg. wind, solar, human powered, etc with the ultimate aim of being able to generate energy!

The first of three exhibitions takes place over the pre midsummer weekend of 18th, 19th and 20th June 2010 and aims to showcase creative thinking around the ideas of sculpture, natural energy capture, energy production and sustainability. With more and more wind farms springing up in rural locations and the government's push for micro energy production in the home, ‘e’ looks at alternatives to this ever increasing need for energy and more environmentally sensitive, sustainable  and aesthetically acceptable solutions.

The event organiser, Mark Clarke of Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire, is a teacher of Design and Technology, Kinetic Sculptor and Partner at Craft Times and has been developing the idea over a number of years and planning this event for the last six months.

Mark believes there is a need for green, energy producing technology to be used in a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing way, particularly if it is to be used in environmentally sensitive areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty. He also sees this approach being suitable for inner city areas where valuable space can be used not only for beautiful works of art but beautiful works of art that have the ability to generate energy.

Further details about the exhibition and how to take part can be found at Interested parties are invited to contribute to online discussions, offer photographic images and video of kinetic sculpture at and to follow the projects development over the three years.

Contact details:

Event Organiser:  Mark Clarke
Address:  ‘e’ exhibition, PO Box 818, Brant Broughton, Lincoln, LN5 0ZP
Tel:   07952 166698
Web Site:

What: ‘e’ exhibition of kinetic sculpture 2010 - 2012
When: First event: Friday 18th to Sunday 20th June 2010
Where: East Midlands Region
Why: Competition, Ecological gain, Partnership working opportunities
How: Design and make sculpture to make use of the natural energies around us and to ultimately generate energy!
Who: Artists, Sculptors, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, DIY’ers, Students and Children